Kenya Moore Is Coming For Porsha Stewart…AGAIN


It doesn’t seem like the rivalry between Real Housewives of Atlanta stars is ending anytime soon. Kenya Moore has been throwing subliminal shade at Porsha Stewart. The drama between the two women is catty, at best. Seems like Kenya is a little irked that Porsha has decided to go into the hair business. I have to ask myself should Kenya be mad, after all this is the same person who basically copied Phaedra Park’s workout idea. Minor case of the kettle calling the pop black, if you ask me.

To see where all the drama is coming from head over to Hollywood Hiccups, now.

  • Sarah
    I pray to God I’m nothing like Kenya at her age.
  • HollywoodHiccups
    I don’t think these 2 are ever going to stop. They love the drama!
  • Chile, they stay at each other. Kenya needs to grow up!
  • Y@zmar
    Kenya and this girl are going to come to blows..
  • KiaSoto
    I hope they dofight so i can laugh my ass off
  • cottenkandi
    She need to stop.
  • She’s such a mess.
  • HollywoodHiccups
    Too much drama for me!
  • twanatells
    Kenya stay coming for somebody
  • DivaWhispers
    Kenya she is not copying…ERRBODY IS GOING INTO THE HAIR BUSINESS
  • MrsGrapevine
    I can’t wait for Kenya’s hair products, though. Hopefully it’s a product line she will use on her own hair.