Kendall Jenner Gets Praised For Cornrow Hair Style & Black Twitter Goes In!



Marie Claire practically praised Kendall Jenner for wearing cornrows, which landed them in hot water with Twitter. The complaint is why are cornrows, “bold” and “new epic” when worn by Kendall, when little black girls been wearing this hairstyle every since the cornfield.

Black Twitter Went In:





Do you agree or are people being just a little too sensitive?

  • But we been rocking them shits for years. Honey bye.
  • Kendall looks cute with that hairstyle — she better do that ish
  • Marie Claire had the good sense to apologize for their “poorly worded tweet”.
  • HollywoodHiccups
    She looks adorable… so much ado about nothing..
  • Y@zmar
    It never fails…we can’t have shiiiiiiiiiiit
  • twanatells
    Kendall is cute