Kelly Rowland Reveals Beyonce’s Reaction To ‘Dirty Laundry’ + Listen To ‘You’ve Changed’ Featuring Beyonce & Michelle Williams


Kelly Rowland’sDirty Laundry’ is beyond deep. When I first heard the song, I had to keep replaying it, because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Kelly always praised Beyonce and to hear her saying that she was a tad bit envious of Bey made me have a lot of respect for her.

Watch below as Kelly Performs the song, the singer breaks out into tears. I know it has to be hard to sing such a heart felt, dark song.


Many of us wanted to hear Kelly explained exactly what this song is all about. She did in an recent interview, read the some excerpts below. She explained how Beyonce reacted to ‘Dirty Laundry’.


It was the place that I was…I was so young and in a relationship.  My head was completely gone.  Sometimes in relationships you think  as you are at that age. That’s what happened with my sister.  What matters to me most is what we have. I love her (Beyonce) and Michelle more than anything.  I’m so grateful for what we have as sisters…away from Destiny’s Child.


How Beyonce responded after hearing the record:

I played it (“Dirty Laundry”) for her and Michelle.  Beyonce said, “I never left”.  It was endearing, it was real, she heard how real I was and she was like “Like I’m so proud of you.”

 To watch the full interview head over to Twana Tells.



Bonus: Listen to Kelly’s new song ‘You’ve Changed’ featuring Beyonce & Michelle


    That’s all she said, “I never left” I wanna know what she thought of Kelly being jealous but that’s just me. Lol