Karrine Steffans Gives A Lesson Of Self-Worth


Karrine Steffans' "SatisFaction" Book Signing Party at Hustler Hollywood on August 5, 2011

I normally would not say, go seek advice from Karrine ‘SuperHead’ Steffans. However, say what you want about the former video vixen, she always manages to have a man, a man that’s in love with her, ready to commit.

She recently dropped a gem on Instagram when replying to a fan.

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Men, no not just men – People will trick you, if you let them. Once a person show you who they really are, trust and believe them. Do not try to change them, because chances are they do not want to change and they are not going to change.

The dating cycle can be vicious. I can’t speak for everybody, but it can get played out, dating just isn’t fun. You do not find out who a person really is until after they think they have your heart, and in most cases they do, which makes it difficult to leave. Know your worth, if a person is not giving you what you need to feel happy and loved, leave them where they are and find someone who will.

Here’s how that vicious dating cycle can go:

When you first meet a guy everything seems perfect. He does all the things you want him to do, he seems like the perfect gentleman. He sends flowers to your job, you guys hold hour long conversations, and date. You gave him the key, all he had to do was listen…from those long talks you guys had, he knew you liked flowers, that’s why he sent those. You told him that you wanted a guy that can help with the maintenance of your life, of course he’s going to say little things to make you believe that he’s willing and able to do everything you need him to do as a man.

You find yourself connecting with this person’s spirit. At this point all the extra things he did to impress you has worked. Now you let your guard down. You feel as though you can show him that emotional, loving, sensual side. You’re fully invested, but he has tired himself out. He can’t any longer keep being that ideal perfect guy, he eases back into his regular self. It is hard for him to do those little things he did to get you, because it was never really in his character.  Those nice things that he did “just because” was really done,  just because he was trying to get in your panties, and prevent you from giving his goodies to someone else.

Now you see that this new guy that has a problem doing little things, has done an entire flip, change and rotation on your ass. His true self is not what you fell for. Those deep conversations you had about the future slowly fade away, conversations are short and senseless. You argue every other day, because he is not living up to his hype. You are stuck with a man who has shown you that he’s not worthy of your love. However you hold on to this man, hoping he’ll go back to how he was in the beginning. You do not want to waste your time getting to know someone all over again and end up in the same predicament. So you settle.

Superhead has mastered the “cut off” method. Once a man shows you his truth, do not try to change it. Accept it for what it is. Do not settle, if you want a man that’s going to sit on the phone with you for hours, but he can’t seem to find the time, drop him & get one who will. If he did it while trying to court you, he can do still do it.

If he felt as though you were worth it, his courtship would never end even after he has you.