Karlie Redd Dating Washed Up Rapper Yung Joc


First there was Karlie and Benzino. Then it was Karlie and Roscoe Dash….Guess who’s next?

Rappers on the come up know what to do. Just get a chick that’s on a reality show, and try to force your way on the show.It worked for Mimi’s man didn’t it.  Yung Joc managed to get Love & Hip Hop’s Karlie Redd, and of course that wasn’t a hard feat. The “couple” were spotted kissing in the club, which led to the dating rumors..



Now I for one thought that Yung Joc was married with kids, but you know that doesn’t stop men these days from publicly stunting with their sidechicks all on national tv. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta season three seems like it’s going to be too much.


Karlie’s new titts look good and Joc looks so happy to be photographed, lol.


  • yazmar
    Young Joc gotta cute little smile on him. still washed up tho lol
  • MsTrendy
    And Benzino dumb a** paid for the boob job.
    • Whydid Youblockme
      lmao!!! omg i remember that!!
  • She just trying to get in the limelight some way some how but she’s messing with all the has-beens!!! SMDH!
  • Gumbumper
    Okay Karlie, your 15 mins is up
  • DivaWhispers
    don’t judge me when you see me with Karlie next weekend lol
    • Too late. I am judging. I can’t wait to leave a comment when I see the pictures.
    • Whydid Youblockme
  • MrsGrapevine
    Cougars be winning…LOL…or not. She racing to the bottom with Karrine Steffans.
  • HollywoodHiccups
    I guess she wants her 15 minutes of fame….
  • cottenkandi
    He cleaned up nice though.
  • ★Javier__Duhhh★
    Wow where has he been I forgot about Joc
  • twanatells
    Karliee will do whatever she have to do to keep that Love & Hip HOp check coming in smh
  • Whydid Youblockme
    OMG if I were married & I saw all on the media news/Internet that MY husband “stepped out” with some sidechick plus pics of them together, OMG I’D KILL HIM!!!! No questions asked, I’d smash his HEAD with the black pot I’d DESTROY that n! gga. If this guy Yung Joc is indeed married, then he is NOT RIGHT steppin’ out on his wife with pics of him & “the otha chick” on the internet???? It’s just too much of this cheating b.s. goin’ on & ppl act like it aint NOTHIN’, they act like it dont hurt them, and/or they’ll just go on out & cheat too!! It’s like relationships & marriages these days mean NOTHING – ppl are doing what they wanna do & they dont care whose heart gets broken, who they hurt OR how WRONG they are. Even if the marriage or relationship is on the “rocks” & things are going bad with your mate that doesnt mean its ok to cheat & then GO CHEAT. D@ mn – at least try to work things out & give it all you got & if it dont work then LEAVE or get DIVORCED. Then go on & do YOU – but dont CHEAT, why CHEAT??? Whether ppl wanna admit to it or not, that cheatin’ b.s. HURTS – when someone cheats, SOMEONE ALWAYS GETS HURT ……