Kanye West & J. Cole Take #1 & #2 Sales Spot + Kelly Rowland’s Disappointing Album Sales


I was fully aware of Kanye West and J. Cole’s album release date, but I totally forgot about Kelly Rowland. Doesn’t seem like I am the only one who forgot. The results are in and the numbers don’t lie.


1. Kanye West– ‘Yeezus’

First Week Sales Figure: 328,000 units.

2.  J.Cole – ‘Born Sinner’

First Week Sales Figure: 297,922 units.

4. Kelly Rowland – ‘Talk A Good Game’

First Week Sales Figure: 65,913 units.


I was hoping that Kelly sold more, but her promotion just wasn’t there.  I like her and really want her to win as an artist. At least she has the TV show ‘X Factor‘ to fall back on. There doesn’t seem to be  much love for black R&B singers. But let somebody like Justin Timberlake sing R&B music and watch his album take over the charts. I can’t rant though, because I didn’t buy Kelly’s album.

Kanye  managed snagged the #1 spot even with his crazy antics. J. Cole was right at his neck with his sophomore album ‘Born Sinner’.  I haven’t heard either albums but from the feedback on twitter, J. Cole has a better album.


Next up is Wale’s ‘The Gifted’.



  • Kelly is in trouble. She should have led the album with “Dirty Laundry”. “Kisses Down Low” led me to believe the album was going to be just as bad as her previous efforts.