Kanye Queening Out – Yeezus Followers Just Have To Deal


I honestly believe the death of Kanye West’s mother played a huge role in his demise. I do not think he’s been happy. It has to be hard losing a parent, some people may never get over it. He seems like a tormented soul. I feel sorry for him, but it doesn’t seem as though he wants  anyone’s pity or help. He just wants to be in this world mad and angry at everyone.

We all remember Kanye’s 2009 MTV Video Music Awards stunt. Kanye jumped on stage and ruined Taylor Swifts moment. He was very passionate about what he said about Beyonce having one of the best videos of all times and his music industry/fame beliefs. Queen Yae’ went on a rant backstage following his outburst. Checkout the audio here.


  • HollywoodHiccups
    He is just an arrogant asshole… simple..
    • KiaSoto
  • KiaSoto
    he needs a hug
  • Twana Tells
    Yeezy need a hug and a shrink
  • LMAO!!!
  • DivaWhispers
    I have no words and i’m a YE fan
    Is Kim sure she wanted him to be her baby daddy?!!! Cus O_o just saying…..
    • We were all looking at him and going why her? But it’s starting look like she’s the fool in this relationship. LOL
  • KiaSoto
    he is a mess