K. Michelle Talks About Dating Ochocinco, Past Lesbian Relations, and Leaving Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta


K. Michelle recently sat down with The Breakfast club and dished about a lot from, Rasheeda being pregnant by Lil Scrappy, to her being in a relationship with a lazy woman.  I love K. Michelle’s interviews. She’s always giving a lot of information and most of the time it’s juicy.

Who Knew That Ochocinco was trying to mack on our girl K. Michelle? He bought her a monkey and everything honey!

I always wanted a pet monkey. Chad approached me and you know he tried to date me or whatever, and I was like no I don’t want no shoes, like everybody gets shoes man I want a monkey.

We (Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson) have not slept together. I’ve been through a lot with this dating thing. It’s not even a pushing away, like I talked to Chad yesterday, we are friends and I think that’s what it needs to be. We are going to dinner, we are being friends, we are talking on the phone, he’s courting.


K. Michelle On Being Bisexual:

I thought I was gay for three months. I realized what ya’ll men go through, the b*tch actually jumped on my new car scratched it up with her shoe.  And it was a wrap. She wanted to be actress, but she always sat on the couch, I was actually taking care of stuff and paying bills and I was like oh no I’m not used to this, I’m not gay no more.


 K. Michelle talks about beef with Rasheeda and her husband Kirt Frost approaching her about the situation.

Like Golden Girl came up in there trying to talk to me. He felt some type of way. Look, you run up-get done up. Don’t walk up on me.  I am not scared of a n**ga with four earrings. That don’t shake me. I don’t wanna hurt nobody, but when you fight somebody, you fight them.

K. discuss the comment Rihanna made about J.R. Smith being thirsty:

That didn’t have nothing to do with me. She said what she needed to say to that young man. When it come to him I’ve said my peace on that one right there.