K. Michelle Performs Songs For Mimi, Joseline, and Benzino


K. Michelle and her wigs are a darn mess. The girl is as crazy as she wants to be but she’s hilarious. K. always have a punch line up her sleeves along with some underhanded shade. The soulful singer penned and performed songs for her Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta castmates, Mimi Faust, Joseline Hernandez, and Benzino.

The Rebellious Soul’ singer wasn’t so nice to Mimi this time around. She mocked Mimi’s love life.

K Sing’s:

He don’t want you cause
He likes Johnny,
But when I tell her, she look’s at me funny
Mimi you look like such a fool
Loving a man that don’t love you.

Mimi isn’t so happy when she hears the song. Watch below:



K. sung a nice song about Joseline. Joseline loved it, she even said that she was going to do a sexy song in return for K. Michelle. They should get on a track together, right? side-eye




Lastly K. get’s on Benzino and his no neck having a$$. Benzino fired back though talking about K’s knocked knee’s, her big fake booty, and small chicken legs.



….It went away right with his face.