K. Michelle Makes ‘Baby Momma Song’ About Lance Stephenson’s Ex + Says He’s Allowed To Cheat?


K. Michelle is my girl, but she can be so petty. She took to Instagram to give us a preview of a song she’s working on. Now if you remember, there has been all types of drama between K. Michelle, her boo Lance Stephenson and his pregnant exgirlfriend/child’s mother Feby.


K claims that she doesn’t want anymore drama in her life but she runs to it…and if I’m lying Tiny—wait, never mind. Peep the Baby Momma vid below:



The ‘Rebellious Soul‘ singer sat down with 97.9 to converse about her days as a stripper. I never knew she was shaking her butt for cash, she never mentioned this on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. In the interview K. basically confirms that her good boo Lance cheats, but she’s cool with it, because he tells her. Ok Evelyn. She’s so insecure and it’s obvious.

To hear the full interview head over to Tattle Tailz.