K. Michelle Flakes Out Of Performance


K. Michelle has a reputation in the music business, in which she was trying to change with her story line on the hit reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. It seems as though her crazy diva like attitude follows everywhere she goes.

Recently K. Michelle, Musiq Soulchild, and Lyfe Jennings were all set to perform at the Straz Center, in Florida. K. Michelle did not perform allegedly because she didn’t appreciate her placement. According to insiders, K. Michelle felt that she should not, have to perform before Lyfe Jennnings because she’s a bigger star. Promoters tried to get K. Michelle to go ahead and perform or at least say something to the crowd, but she refused.

Here’s a clip of K. Michelle and reality star Royce Reed. In the clip you can here Royce saying something about the people came for her (K. Michelle).

Once the crowd realized K. Michelle was not going to perform, they got a little rowdy by booing. Lyfe Jennings apparently didn’t like K. Michelle’s stance toward the entire situation. Lyfe took to twitter to blast K. Michelle:

This @kmichelle is so funny. She don’t wanna go on before me???? Before Lyfe??? Its cool i wish u the best love… We kilt it!!!

Shout out to @musicsoulchild for being a hell of a performer AND a hell of a individual…im a fan of the real…period.

K. Michelle tweeted:

I’ve never missed a show a day in my life. I would never stand my fans up period. I was told no by the promoters, he didn’t like my request.