K. Michelle Admits She Had A Drinking Problem ‘I Don’t Like The Person I am When I’m Really Drunk’


K. Michelle recently sat down with Hot 97 Program Director/Personality Ebro to talk about her latest projects. During the interview, we learned things that we had not known prior. Ebro revealed to the listeners that he had a bit of a crush on K. Michelle. Now with his personality and hers it just doesn’t seem like they would make a good match. K. Michelle made a good point when she said to Ebro, that she’s not entertaining anyone that she can’t be in a relationship with. At a certain point in life ladies, you have to start picking guys that you see a real future with.

Did you know K. Michelle had a drinking problem? Well she admitted she had a problem:

From my first deal ‘til now I drank every single day. My first deal I drank every single day all day like straight out the bottle. I drank Jack Daniel with no chaser nothing  just the bottle to the head.

I just feel like, I don’t like the person I am when I am really Drunk. I really did have a drinking problem and it caused a lot of issues.

It’s good that she admitted to having a problem. I’m sure she’s not checking in to AA or anything like that, but she is taking responsibility for her actions. She was spotted out drinking a few days before this interview.