Joseline & Stevie J Are Married + Joseline’s First Music Video


Joseline and Stevie J are really turning out to be the ratchet version of Bonnie & Clyde. Everyone has been speculating about this duo’s relationship status. Are they married or not?  On the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta we saw Joseline give Stevie a ring. By the end of the show Stevie seemed to be handing out a ring to both Joseline and his exgirlfriend/baby momma Mimi Faust. I honestly don’t think he put a ring on it  because he’s too busy trying to juggle women. He likes playing with folks head. His rat face is not about that married life. Anywho Kandi Burruss suggested that Joseline and Stevie may be married by posting the below pictures on Instagram:

Married or not Stevie’s pimpin’ don’t stop. He finally allowed Joseline to shoot her video for the song ‘Mi Colta’. The video was kinda of cute..for her..for them.. I didn’t understand what the self-proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess was saying or why she was trying to look so gutta. Her feature are already hard and manly, she didn’t need to make those harsh faces. Needless to say, I’m not really feeling her as an artist. She’s just another stripper with a dream, but at least she’s trying to make things happen.


What do you think of the video?

    smdh…I like Joseline but she definitely need to find her another career!
    They deserve each other. They’re more alike than him and Mimi anyway.
  • Twana Tells
    I’m confused with this video what’s her audience and who is she trying to attrack????
  • HollywoodHiccups
    smh, what is up with that??
  • Coffy Brown
    Maybe she should teach some Strip-A-Robics or something! Steebie is not wifing that up unless it’s about bringing more money in!!! SMH @ these two soap opera stars
  • Gumbumper
    I like these two