Joseline Hernandez Turnt Up In Barbados…Wait, No That’s Rihanna


Rihanna went home to Barbados to have fun at Carnival. She fit right in with her fellow locals and had a good time. I like how Rihanna still represent for her home town. To see pictures & video of Rihanna cutting up at Carnival head over to Tattle Tailz.



Rihanna looks just like Joseline especially with that Mommy wig on.

  • Dem be fighting words! My poor Riri, she needs to change up her style quick. People be confusing her for a well-worn stripper.
  • twanatells
    She does look like Joseline HErnandez with her hair like this
  • yazmar
    not a flattering pic right here lol
  • MrsGrapevine
    I just said the same thing on Gossip Wrap-up. These two are becoming the same person. I don’t know if Joseline is looking more like Rihanna or vice versa, but they should do a shoot together.