Joe Budden’s Ex Kaylin Garcia Is An Auto-Tune Singer Watch Her New Music Video



Do ya’ll remember Joe Budden‘s young, dumb, but gorgeous ex girlfriend, Kaylin Garcia from Love & Hip Hop New York? If you can’t remember her I bet you guys remember her horrible jack o’lantern teeth! Her teeth have been fixed for a while and she is as gorgeous as ever. Rumor is she moved on from Joe Budden to rapper Sage The Gemini.




With all these rapping men in her life, she decided to try her hand at music. She recently released a single to Itunes along with a music video for her single ‘I Want It More.’ The song is cute for her, not for me. She posted on her Instagram, that this was just the beginning. Hopefully she grows into something amazing.

Watch ‘I Want It More’ Music Video Below: