Jamie Foxx Gets Flirtatious With Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland looked absolutely beautiful at the 2013 Oscars. It did not come as a surprise to me that Jamie Foxx was offering Kelly a date or either a movie role.

In this short clip below you can see Jamie flirting with Kelly and his daughter Corrine witnessing her daddy trying to mack. Both Kelly and Corrine looked embarrassed, but in a cute way. There is a place and time for everything I don’t think Kelly was prepared for Jamie’s flirtatious antics. The ‘ICE’ singer didn’t handle the situation very professionally. She replied to Jaime with ‘I’m going to stop you right now’ then she stated that she loves her some Jamie. The moment was awkward but at least everyone was looking nice.


Check out the clip below:

Can you imagine Jamie & Kelly dating?