Jackie Christi Shows Favoritism Towards Chantel – Ashamed of Daughter Ta’Kari Lee?


Jackie Christi has no problem showcasing her love for her youngest daughter, Chantel Christie on Basketball Wives: LA. I went on Jackie’s Instagram to see if she posted any pictures of her oldest daughter, Ta’Kari Lee. Remember on the last season of the show, Chantel was blasting Jackie to Laura Govan. Chantel basically said that Jackie treated Ta’Kari differently from her other kids because she was darkskin and because her dad wasn’t Doug.

On Jackie’s Instagram I did not see any pics of Ta’Kari but what I did see was several post of Jackie’s other kids. Jackie even posted pictures referencing dark skin girls, basically saying dark skin girls are beautiful [too].

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That lady is crazy. I do not understand how a Mom could be so shady towards her own child. I don’t think Ta’Kari is feeling the love either. She posted a few quotes taking jabs at her Mom. Read Below:

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Jackie runs around BWLA with all these young ladies but can’t even spend time with her own seeds? Does she even acknowledge her grandkids? This is just sad.

  • cottenkandi
    Jackie isn’t stable.