It’s Offical BET Fires Old 106 & Park Hosts!!!


People have been speculating about what the heck is going on with the hosts of BET’s 106 & Park. After I watched the BET Awards and saw Bow Wow was the only host there to announce the Viewers Choice Award, I knew that it had to be a wrap for the other three host, Shorty Da Prince, Piagon, and Miss Mykie.

In my opinion the dynamics of the show works best when it’s just two people. It also help when there is some type of sexual tension between the two host. Free & AJ were the host when I was growing up, they kept people wonder were they an item because of their continuous flirting. BET might be going back to this format by keeping host Bow Wow and adding his ex-girlfriend, Angela Simmons as co-host. Right now Angela is only  confirmed as co-host for the summer but I can see her sticking around a bit longer.

BET has issued a statement regarding firing Shorty Da PrincePiagon, and Miss Mykie:

“106 & Park” is undergoing exciting changes. Angela Simmons willcontinue to guest host until the end of the summer. Bow Wow aka “Mr. 106 & Park” will continue as the lead host; Miss Mykie, Paigion and Shorty Da Prince will no longer remain on the show. BET Networks is happy to have worked with these bright, young stars and will continue to support them and their upcoming endeavors

  • MrsGrapevine
    Good, because they didn’t have any chemistry.
  • twanatells
    I think Shorty & Pagion had chemestry but BET messed up when they decided to bring in 4 host smh