Interviews | Raqi Thunda and Joe Budden Dishes On Ruined Friendship


Love and Hip Hop: New York started ratchet hour yesterday. Twitter went in a frenzy over the over the top drama filled scenes. One of the big story lines of the show was the drama going on between rapper Joe Budden, his exgirlfriend Tahiry, and his ex-friend Raqi Thunda.

Recently Raqi did an interview with Hot 97 where she explained her ruined friendship with Joe, she went as far as calling him her “gay male bestie” and a person who was addicted to the street drugs Molly. She alluded that he handled her roughly on the show and she claimed the infamous little penis picture was definitely Joe. Raqi also self proclaims that she has been  a side piece/jump off.

Checkout the interview below:


After Raqi stoke her mind on Hot 97, Joe went on to say his peace. He basically says Raqi is delusional and that they were indeed friends, but his judgment could have been diluted because of the drugs that they were both using together.

Checkout the interview below:

What do you think about this unnecessary drama?