International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. I want to focus this post on positivity.  My first role model as a little girl was my Mother and of course my Grandmother. To this day, my greatest teacher in life is my beautiful Grandmother. It’s something about being raised by an elder that excels your mind.

My early memories of this phenomenal woman, is filled with nothing but grace, beauty, strong will, and elegance. As I live my life, I strive to mirror this woman. She’s a peaceful calming soul that has been with me my  entire life. She taught me so much.

Rarely have I heard her raise her voice or say a curse word. Rarely have I seen her walk across the floor without heels. I never seen her wear a pair of pants. She has lived her life the way she wanted to live it. She was never a slave to the corporations, high fashion, nor typical beauty standards.  She marched to the beat of her own drum and she was unapologetic about it.

As a child she had the witty ways of teaching me things, without me knowing they were lessons. She taught me strength without being overbearing, she taught me submissiveness without being weak, she taught me how to be soft without letting someone take advantage.

On this International holiday, I just want to lift up my Granny for all the times she has uplifted me.