Incase You Missed It | Shay Johnson & Momma Dee On #KKN Goes in On Erica & Talks About Erica’s Mom

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Last night I got my entire life from watching Momma Dee and a drunk Shay ‘Buckeey’ Johnson on Kandi Koated Nights. The two women are over the top, they really like showing their asses. It was very entertaining to watch, but the entire show was a bit of a train wreck.

The topic of the show was family members meddling and of course Momma Dee had a lot to say about the topic.  We all know that Momma Dee forced Shay on Lil Scrappy. Shay was drinking and acting very ratchet on the show, I mean she’s nothing but a little NatNat.

Momma Dee and Shay went off on Erica Dixon. Shay called the girl a b*tch several times and I’m like didn’t she beat your ass once already, you must want some more. She got drunk on camera and I’m sure she was pouring up off camera.  She must be feeling some type of way because she knows she’s the jump off and Scrappy has way more respect and love for Erica. Shay was in defense mood going off on everyone even the audience members.

Momma Dee tries to defend her reasoning for not liking Erica. She alludes that Erica beats Scrappy, she says that Erica is physically and mentally abusive. Momma Dee paints Erica as a coldhearted baby momma. I don’t fault Erica I wouldn’t want my young child to be around an ex-pimp either, especially if they acted like Momma Dee.

Per Momma Dee about Erica:

“When the b*tch was pregnant the b*Tch tried to regulate. Told me I couldn’t come into labor in delivery. She said oh you a boss b*tch I recognize that, but this baby in my stomach so don’t come when I have contractions & sh*t. I never held my granddaughter to she started walking.”

Momma Dee On Erica’s Mom:

People that have glass d*ck in they mouth, they can’t think. I wanted to offer the b*tch a glass d*ck… That’s the only way I can get some sense into her.

Lil Scrappy ends up calling in from Weed Rehab to get his Momma and his side-line chick off of Erica.


Other keynotes from the video is Momma Dee praises Shay’s sexual skills, alluding that Shay can ride….this is so disturbing on many levels. Per Shay: I didn’t tell him to f*ck me. Whatever we have going on is what we have going on. I’m going off of what he tells me. Whatever he tells me I believe him. 


Watch the #KKN video below:

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