In These Tweets | Towanda Braxton Goes In On Tamar’s Husband Vince



The Braxton sisters feud continues. On their reality show, Braxton Family Values the sisters argue a lot about any and everything. Lately Towanda and Tamar Braxton have been beefing. Either Tamar is super childish or Towanda is super jealous, or maybe it’s just senseless drama.

Rhymes with Snitch caught Towanda throwing major shade towards Tamar’s Husband Vincent Herbert, during the live tweeting of #BFV. A fan tweeted Towanda about possibly being jealous of Tamar’s rich husband and Towanda responded:

Check the web boo! He also owes 3.3 million to the irs…guess I’m jealous of that too huh?


Do you think Towanda is jealous of Tamar?

  • KiaSoto
    those cheek bones though
  • Why are you going to play family like that. Outsiders are going to try to separate you, why would you allow it?
    • MrsGrapevine
      I know! and why would Towanda take the bait, unless she’s been waiting to attack Tamar and Vinvce?
  • She is brain dead, why would even reply like that. SMH
  • cottenkandi
    Huh?!!! Towanda and that shady tweet. Hilarious!
  • MrsGrapevine
    That was tacky of Towanda, and I think it proves the point that she’s a little jelly. Towanda should have kept it in context and not turn on her family because of an ignorant tweet. I don’t know why she can’t see that she’s been acting funny with Tamar since the spin-off and the success.
  • I really feel like Towanda is jealous of Tamar because Vince is still rich despite his tax problems — she needs to chill
  • Yazmar
    JEalousy…its really pathetic to spout off about family over social media
  • twanatells
    Towanda is so messy and biter….Whatever her problem is with Tamar she should handle it off social media
  • WOW!!! She’s always airing the dirty laundry. She does know all the family biz cuz errrrbody confides in her.