In These Tweets: Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon Are Officially Over, Shay Johnson Beefs With Erica


Looks like Momma Dee, has gotten her way. Lil Scrappy and his fiancé Erica Dixon are officially over, according to Lil Scrappy’s tweets. Erica’s out of the picture and his sidechick Shay Buckeey Johnson is in.



Scrappy was spotted getting cozy with his side chick Shay at an event in Atlanta.  Erica was at the same event and to my surprise she wasn’t rocking her engagement ring. Even though they called things off on the last episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, I thought that it was only temporary. Even if he isn’t with Erica, I don’t think he should give Shay any glory by being seen with her in public. I guess his side chick, his main chick, cause his main guh ain’t feeling him no mo.

scrappy-erica-dixon-single scrappy-beefs-with-erica-dixon-fame-whore

To top it all off a few days later Erica and Shay threw subliminal shade at each other via twitter. Both these girls need to let Lil Thick Neck go.

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