IN THESE TWEETS | Khia Goes In On Beyonce & The Beyhive Responds


Khia is a very opinionated being. She says what she wants with no regard to anyone’s feelings. Recently the ‘My Neck My Back’ rapper had it out for the Grammy awarding winning singer Beyonce. Khia feels some type away about Bey and she used twitter as her platform to say exactly how she felt.

Khia Tweeted:

“Because b*tches like @Beyonce aint checking for her Beyhive until she charges $2000 a ticket to watch her Tootsie roll the same routines..,” she tweeted June 17.

“Just ask @Beyonce if im lying.. #oops my bad, shes too busy collecting yall coins for chicken dinners and Blu Ivy’s college plan…”

“Woooooooo im scared of the Beyhive ????????????… All of you can stand in line to get swatted by Thugmisses like ya Motha Mammie Bey #should have…”

“I thought the “BeeHive” was @LilKim’s team @Beyonce… Hmmmmm… you will never give up the stealing will you, sis… ????????????” (Khia’s Twitter)

“These Beyhive stans SAD. They put @Beyonce before Jesus Christ & will sing Single Ladies before they will give a Single Dollar to the church”


You know the BEYHIVE wasn’t haven’t that. They went in on Khia and read her for filth.


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I love Beyonce and all but Khia had some valid points. Beyonce hasn’t really released any new music, but she’s touring around the world, doing the same routines…but you know how those new rules, work. Beyonce does what she wants because she can and we just have to deal with it. She sold out arenas and maybe that’s why Khia’s mad.