In These Tweets | Ashanti’s Little Sister Puts Nelly’s New Boo On Blast



We all know that Nelly has moved on from Ashanti. It doesn’t seem like Ashanti is too heart broken. She’s been hard at work, preparing to put out a new album. Ashanti’s little sister Shea decided to do the dirty work for her sis, allegedly.

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Everybody’s been assuming that Nelly’s pretty much happy with his sexy video vixen/actress Lashontae ‘Tae’ Heckard. Pictures surfaced of the two and they’ve been caught tweeting flirtatious tweets, confirming everyone’s suspicion. Apparently Shea isn’t too fond of Nelly’s new boo. Shea’s been using twitter to bash sidechicks. Now she never said Tae’s name, but you know how twitter ganstas never really do, she just alluded that Tae is a sidechick. Shea claims that Tae was creeping around with Nelly when she knew he was with her sister, Ashanti.

In These Tweets | Ashanti's Little Sister Puts Nelly's New Boo

Ashanti's Little Sister

Bling, Bling, Bling….B*tches Is Mad!


Nelly’s Response:

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 11.25.57 PM


Should Shea Stay In Her Place Or Should She Put The BS On Blast?