Impeccable Style Jury: Taraji P. Henson’s Makeup


I love me some Taraji P. Henson. She has such a pleasant personality, seems like she would be fun to hang out with (you know like, the fun Aunt). Can’t even lie, she captivated me in her phenomenal role as Yvette on Baby Boy (lol).

In my opinion Taraji is a naturally pretty lady. Once you add makeup to her canvass it can look a little hard, or unsettled. According to Google, the actress is 43. In the above picture does she look her age, younger or older?  

Are you feeling this makeup look on Taraji?

  • C.T.

    @CherishCiera Real question: who’s paying u to run this smear campaign on Taraji. Guess a makeup job is the only thing you can attack because she makes her headlines with honest hard work. Everyone can check her twitter account @therealtaraji to see the rest of her pictures. Not surprisingly, she looks fab! Time better spent would be your spilling the beans on who feels threatened enough by her working to hire you to attack her?

  • C.T.

    Many posters in that particular picture thread were suspicious of the negative posters (spammers) and their accounts. They seem to pop out of the blue (a very rare thing in her instagram comments) Guess it truly was a coordinated effort. This article in the midst of announcements of her new projects is proof of it.

  • Y@zmar

    I think Taraji looks really great here!! Fuck whoever is running a smear campaign against her. She is a great role model…

  • Love me some Taraji.

  • She looks great. I miss her on Person of Interest. I was going to boycott the show in protest but it’s still really good. LOL.

  • HollywoodHiccups

    I like most of her makeup except the lip gloss to shiny