Impeccable Style Jury | Diamond’s Purple Hair

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It is Spring time, time for some color. Diamond aka Miss 32 Flavors is rocking a purple hue in her hair. I am not a fan of colorful wigs in most cases. Some people can pull of the look. If you’re a rockstar like Diamond, go for it.

Not comparing the two, but weren’t you happy after Nicki Minaj threw her pink wig in the trash can? Sometimes a nice, fresh look is refreshing.



Are you feeling Diamond’s look?



  • I love this color on her
  • MrsGrapevine
    It looks great on her, Diamond is a beautiful woman. I definitely couldn’t pull this off without looking ratchet.
  • I think she is killing it with this purple hair.
  • HollywoodHiccups
    She looks so beautiful with purple hair!
  • with long purple hair, she looks ridiculous but the shorter ‘do is quite nice.
    just sucks that she’s still awaiting for her career to take off, ten years into the game.
  • like the first and last look
  • Nicole Richie is rocking purple hair the best, but I’m not mad at the color on Diamond either.
  • I like the bob, the long hair looks cheap.