Impeccable Moments Featuring Tyrese, Vin Diesel, Rev. Run & Their Daughters, Tamera Mowry and Aden + More

 ImpeccableMoments-Tyrese-Vin Diesel-Rev Run-Daughters-Tamera-Mowry-Aden


This week went by fast (& furiously). Now it’s almost time for the Big Game (who else is excited that football is going away for a little while).

Celebrities have been utilizing their Instagram apps, by capturing some of the most adorable moments. This week’s #ImpeccableMoments goes to celebrities and their kids & one cute picture of Keisha Knight-Pulliam that I just had to post.


Peep all the post below:



Keshia Knight-Pulliam had to take notes from Tyra Banks. She found her light and she’s smiling with her eyes (smizing, I think that’s what it’s called).  She looks absolutely impeccable, perfect hair and makeup, love this look with the bun and bangs.


Tamera Mowry-Housley shared this adorable picture of her with her son Aden. He is just so handsome with his blue eyes.

ImpeccableMoments-Tyrese-Vin Diesel-Rev Run-Daughters-fast-furious-instagram-impeccableimperfections-impeccable007-ciera-chantal

Vin Diesel and Daughter Hania Riley, Tyrese and Daughter Shayla Somer Gibson, and Rev. Run and daughter Miley Simmons, can you say Daddy’s girls? This picture screams it.

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