Impeccable Lifestyle: Box Braids


The truth behind box braids (or should I say my truth)?

I recently decided to get box braids, for a trip to Florida. Now if you don’t know what box braids are, they are individual braids parted in a box like pattern. They can thick or skinny. I wanted my hair to be in a manageable, low maintenance style, something that I didn’t have to worry about getting wet or easily messed up.

The first thing I did was Googled and Instagram searched pictures of girls rocking box braids. I wanted to see if you could still be “glamorous” with this hairstyle, which is considered natural to many. I saw the below picture of Beyonce and I thought to myself, I want my braids to be exactly like hers. Doesn’t Beyonce make anything look good?




So I carried myself down to the Haitian braiding shop and sat there for HOURS as two to three women braided my hair at the same time. At first it was fine, but when the girl got to the front part of my head, it was extreme pain. I am very tender headed and my natural hair is fair from straight, to say the least it’s very kinky. I was literally about to be in tears. Once they finished my hair I was very happy with the look. Unfortunately I had to take two Tylenol PMs to cope with the pain. I could hardly sleep.




After about a week the hair loosened up.  Although the braids were so long and heavy that remained very uncomfortable and honestly they still are. I think it is because of the length of the braids that I am having these problems. The braids are very full and long, going past my butt. If I wouldn’t have been trying to be like Beyonce and got them a normal length, I would have been better off.




All in all I enjoyed the braids for the most part. But honestly I don’t think I will ever get the box braids style again. If you can handle heavy hair go for it. The braids are low maintenance and they look really nice especially when you rock them in a nice and neat bun. Box braids are a great protective style. They can aid in hair growth, but be careful not to let your braider, braid too tightly around your edges. I have had a couple of braids come out around my edges and it looked like the hair follicle came out right along with it!

Have you ever rocked box braids? What was your experience?