Impeccable “Life” Cleanse

It’s official….We are in the last month of 2014!

Each new year comes with a new, New Year’s Resolution. This year I want my #ImpeccableReaders to get a head start on the New Year’s resolution, by cleansing. I’m not saying doing anything drastic that is literally impossible to do.


Let’s cleanse our , mind, body and soul. To do this is simple, each day at the start of your day say your favorite quote, think positive thoughts. This will set the tone for the remainder of your day.

Drink more water. Lately I’ve decided to drink more water. I suggest having at least 8 glasses a day. However, make your challenge something that is realistic for you to achieve. Be sure to safely hydrate yourself and do not overdo it.

Also this is the perfect time to start pruning out unnecessary people in your life. If you are involved with someone in any fashion that is not contributing to your growth or well being as a person, simply let them go. I know that this may be hard to do, but in the grand scheme of things you are doing what is needed to stay focus.