Impeccable Exclusive | Bad Girl’s Club Jenn’s Baby Daddy ‘LaceOfficial’ Scam Exposed By Yasmin Estrada


Seems like Jennifer Hardwick‘s ex-boyfriend & child’s father, Lace Official is nothing but trouble. He has already disrespected Jenn to the upmost by blasting her naked pictures all over his Instagram page. Now Lace has gotten himself in the midst of another storm. Allegedly Lace scammed model/dancer Yasmin Estrada. There are all types of Instagram scams out there and even more scammers in the real world, ladies be careful don’t let this happen to you.


Checkout my exclusive interview with Yasmin exposing Young Lace:



She wrote on Instagram:

This piece of shit scammed the fuck out of me yesterday, since he know I’m about my money he made it sound so good that his promoter dude that’s gonna pay him for a gig is going to wire me 4k in my bank account since his dumbass doesn’t have a bank account (because he supposedly travels too much) how naive of me to believe that…being a good person I told him I’ll do him that favor since he said I can have 1k from that…he made me withdrawal money once they cashed in the money he said it would be cash deposit and that it wasn’t gonna be checks!!! Sike this mother fuckers promoter dude sent bounced checks so the bank had to take my own money in my account so I got fucken play so fucken good! I am ashamed to even put this out there because I should of known better but I wanna prevent this happening to any future girl/guys whatever since he has quiet a few followers don’t be a victim! Just know the wanna be fraud ass rapper is a broke piece of shit , has no fucken heart and he obviously needs the money to feed his poor ass and his family he can stick the 4k up him fucken ass I will let god and karma get his ass later trust and believe something worst is coming to him I ain’t tripping since they can’t do nothing to get my money back I’ll show this mother fucker I can make that change in one night, I reported him to the cops too hopefully he will get caught or his partners!#brokeassnigga #fraudassnigga #lookingassnigga#hungryassnigga #poorassnigga #frfr @LaceOfficial@LaceOfficial @LaceOfficial



He threatening me because he mad that I exposed him for scamming me for 4k and he over here flossing that he had a box full of money he’s been saving for 6 months but was begging me to send him the fake money he deposited in my account fuck boy your broke ass shit and all that money is probably from all them other bitches you did #fraudon and you took money from your baby mama you ain’t nothing but a piece of shit doing shows for what? You are a nobody and never will be but best believe karma will get you I will let god handle that ass

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