Impeccable Beauty | Transitioning Styles (4C Hair Type)



I’ve been debating back and forward about chopping my hair off and going natural. I watched all the Youtube videos, joined several natural hair forums and everything. The only thing that happened from all my research, was inspiring my Aunt to do the big chop and I ran back to the creamy crack.

The natural conversation came up again and I had to really think about it. I do not want to continue putting a relaxer on my hair. I strive daily to live a healthier lifestyle, why not opt to quit getting relaxers. So from this point on, I am done with the creamy crack.


I’ve been wearing weaves for the past 6 months. I needed to give my hair a break from being braided up and forgotten about. I decided to cut my hair and get a perm rod set.

Please checkout the video below. It details the process.