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Social media is very prevalent in this day in age. Sometimes, I think how will our culture today effect the young ladies to come after us. Are we damaging our youth in the name of fun? Will our girls have respect and morals, or will they be willing to do any and everything for likes and internet popularity?


You’ll never find better ?

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I recently contacted our Impeccable Beauty: Mani (aka MVNEE) to do an interview for Behind Closed Doors radio, not sure what to aspect. From the looks of her social media, she seemed to be a fun girl who liked to laugh and joke around but she had interesting view points on dating and relationships.

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When she walked into the studio to do the interview, she had a settle calm spirit about herself. She is gorgeous but something tells me that her beauty is not a key factor in shaping her personality. I asked her if she drank and she replied “No.” I then wanted to know if she was even legal to drink, turns out our little beauty is only 18 years old.

I was kind of shocked, I thought that she was at least 20, but knowing that she was 18 made me think back when I was that age. During my younger years I thought I knew so much about life and love. I wanted to be grown so badly but I also wanted to have some pureness about myself. 18 is a viable time in a girls life.

The conversation we had with Mani made me realize that just as I had fun when I was 18, I still was a bit innocent and naive. My heart hadn’t had too many heart breaks and I was able to still believe in everlasting love and that happy ending fairy tale. Mani has this same innocent and it was refreshing to know that social media hasn’t totally ruined all of our girls. Thank God there was no Instagram/Twitter during my younger days.