How to Impress a Girl on a Date

Men know how to deal with women. However, when they are really into a woman and want to make a good impression on her, they start behaving in a silly way. If you read some article on how to succeed on a first date, you know that the most common advice is to be yourself. It’s a very good tip, but just being yourself is not enough. You should make some effort both before the actual date and during it. Usually, women expect a lot from first dates, so your task is to be at your best. Here is another bunch of useful tips that will help you win her heart and secure a second date.

Pick a romantic venue

All women love Romance. The general atmosphere of your date is of great importance. Years later, she may not remember all the single details of your date, but she will definitely remember how she felt. So, if it’s not a blind date but a first traditional date that you finally arranged after a short period of getting to know each other, choose the venue thoughtfully. It can be a roof-top date, you can take her to the planetarium or the exhibition of live butterflies, or go to a cozy small café where a decorated table for two will be waiting for you.

Bring flowers

This is a date, and a man is supposed to bring flowers. Any five-year-old will tell you that. A rare woman doesn’t like flowers. If it’s a dinner date, you can safely bring a bouquet and give it to her at the beginning of your date. If you have an active date, it may be quite uncomfortable to carry flowers with you. Once you are done with an active part of your date, you can distract your girl and get a bunch of flowers at the nearest stand. She will be impressed!

Be polite

Good manners are admired. Some say that women are attracted to bad guys. This is not so. A “bad guy” in their understanding is a masculine man, not a boor. That’s why be a gentleman and you will be a winner. Be polite not only towards her but also towards other people.

Show that you are ambitious and talented

Women like interesting and success-oriented men. Even if you can’t boast some big career achievements, you should mention some facts about you that will characterize you as an ambitious man who knows what he wants and has realistic goals.

Don’t brag

Girls can’t stand show-offs. Of course, you want to let her know that you are an interesting and worthy guy, but she will understand it without direct references to your accomplishments. It is enough to demonstrate your two main assets to impress a woman – your confidence and good manners.

Be an interesting interlocutor

You may love it or you may hate it, but you should master the art of small talk. It will help you get things off the ground and develop a solid conversation. Avoid asking a regular set of questions in order not to turn your date into a job interview. Don’t ask a question out of the blue – there should be a kind of lead-in that gives you an excuse to touch upon this matter. Sharing some latest news you read in your feed is a good idea as long as that news doesn’t deal with politics and other “heavy” subjects.

Dress to impress

Your appearance also contributes to the atmosphere of a date and your ultimate success. It’s a date so a certain dress code is required. No, it’s not about a suit and tie. Wear something smart casual that you will feel comfortable in and, at the same time, demonstrate that you dressed up a bit. Grooming and nice cologne should be on your pre-date preparations list.

Make her smile

The shortest way to a woman’s heart is through a smile on her lips. Women appreciate men with a good sense of humor simply because these guys give them positive emotions. Make witty remarks, tell funny stories, avoid mean jokes. A bit of self-deprecation is healthy and indicative of your confidence.