How Does Jay Z & Beyonce Keep The Excitement In Their Relationship


Beyonce and Jay Z have the cutest relationship. The power couple have  been together for a long time. There is a spark between them that’s real. He seems to really love her and she definitely loves him. You can always catch a sparkle in Jay Z’s eyes when he looks at his woman. Bey says that  she’s who she is because of Jay Z,  “I would not be the woman I am if I did not go home to that man.”

Checkout This Quote From TractHerTrailHer:

 There are so many beautiful things about long-term relationships, but they can quickly cease to feel special when you find yourself in a regimented routine. You might even start thinking about dating other people because you feel so stuck with this person. But they key is to treat it like its new again, go back to the way you were when you first met and I promise you can pull yourself out of your luck.

Now not all of us can be Beyonce, or Jay Z but if you’re wondering how to keep that spark in your relationship head over to our friends TractHerTrailHer.