Happy International Women’s Day



If it wasn’t for Snap Chat I would have not known that today was International Women’s day. So with that being said, Happy International Women’s Day to all of the lovely ladies out there! It is so important that women support women. Sometimes it is easy to operate like crabs in a bucket, and pull down another woman simply because you’re afraid that she’ll surpass you. Try to fight the jealousy bug and come together. Beyus said it best, “Ladies let’s get in formation” if not now, when?

Today lets celebrate the achievements of women around the world but remember we still have a long way to go. When you put it all in prospective women in America have gained the right to vote, become a powerful force in the corporate world, fought for equal legislative rights, and have become a majority of college graduates in only the past CENTURY.

Although we have came far, please note that there are other parts of the world that are not where we are. Be proud for what we have, but lets not stop fighting for all of man-kind.