Grand Hustle’s D.O.P.E. + TRAE THE TRUTH

So Uncle Cliff, I mean T.I. is turning up Grand Hustle. His group Dope recently released a new mixtape entitled “D.O.P.E.”

The song that’s been getting attention is a track called “Block Blazers.” Which gives me a Cash Money Hot Boys feel. The song has a similar beat to Lil Wayne’s “The Block is Hot” & A flow like Juvinile’s  “Ha.”

I am not sure  how I feel about this yet. Cash Money back in the day was my favorite. I am not too keen on these new artist touching the Hot Boy’s sh-t. I mean the sample of “Drop It Like It’s Hot” Drake used on Practice made me want to puke.

Members Twitters:  @superspodee @rich_kid_shawty @iamyungbooke

Anywho Listen to the Dope’s Block Blazers song below:

[jwplayer mediaid=”572″]

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Also T.I. recently announced that he’s signed Trae The Truth to Grande Hustle. I love Trae, Let’s see how this unfolds though.

Watch Video Below:

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