Gloria Govan Gives Dirt On Jacki Christie/Brooke Bailey Fight + Talks Dirty About Other Castmates


Gloria Govan is not holding anything back. She’s speaking on a lot of things that went down this season of Basketball Wives: LA. She reveals that she’s over everyone on the show. She feels as though the rating are low because it’s a long drawn out story line. Gloria also says that she feel’s it’s going to be some changes to the cast. I can’t imagine her being asked back for the third season.  The way she’s talking in this video I doubt if she’ll even want to go back.


This year I’ve been a little bit more vocal, I am kind of tired of everybody. I’m over everyone.

Gloria goes on to explain how Jackie Christie keeps getting beat up.

She keeps getting beat up, And I’m like Jackie just stop talking, you’re just gonna get your ass whooped again. It’s not cute.

Brooke is big, like she’s like 6’2. And she has a booty on her and you know she’s from South Central.

Then Gloria goes on to talk about so many of the girls being all bark and no bite. Gloria thinks cast member Bambi bumps her gums real hard, but she won’t do anything.

Watch the video below: