Getting Ready For The New Year

The New Year is vastly approaching. Not to sound cliché however 2015 really went by quickly. It was not a bad year. It was kind of a milestone year for me, because it marked the 10 year anniversary of my high school graduation.

A lot of people like to use the New Year as a time to make changes to their lives. You usually see people in the gym, trying to get fit. People aspire to change their  eating habits, get closer to God, start reading more…the “New Year, New Me” tweets are at an all time high. Not saying anything is wrong with attempting to change, but you do know that you can change at anytime, not just because it’s a New Year.

With that being said,  below are a few ways you can prepare for the New Year:

1. Reflect

Many people will push right into the New Year with no respect or consideration for the last 365 days. No doubt, victories were had, mistakes were made, relationships came and went and, most importantly, lessons were learned. Take time to consciously reflect upon the major incidents of 2015. Ask yourself the following questions:

•What did I do to most contribute to my successes?
•What did I do to most contribute to my failures?
•What would I do differently given the same set of circumstances?
•Who were the people worthy of my time and effort?
•With whom did I spend time where I received no value?
•In what ways did I not measure up to my potential?
•What will I most fondly remember about the previous year?
•For what will I be rightly proud?

2. Repent

Nobody is perfect. Most try their best to be useful, pleasant and to contribute in a positive way. But we are all human beings, and with humanity come failings, flaws, selfishness, greed and discontent. The New Year is a time to recognize our shortcomings and acknowledge our own accountability in the parts of our experience that leave us unsatisfied and unkind to those around us. Ask yourself the following questions and take appropriate action.

•What are the areas I need to improve?
•Who have I hurt and how can I rectify the situation?
•Who and what are truly important and worthy of my dedicated attention in 2014?

3. Renew

Clearing your mind and heart of weight helps give you energy and allows you to focus on the path ahead. This is the time to make commitments you will keep. No empty promises. Be the person you truly wish to be and let this be the year you begin that journey. My own journey has brought great joy and gratification from the many people around me who continue to inspire and amaze me. Go into this New Year with hope and wonder. Ask these questions of the world:

•Who will be my inspiration this year?
•What new adventures are ahead?
•Where are the new lessons to learn?
•How will I be able to contribute in a significant manner?