Getting Over A Breakup Just In Time For Summer



It is officially summer. When the weather warms up clothing isn’t the only thing you may shed. You may just find yourself getting rid of dead weight, ie that lover that got you through the winter months. Breakups are sometimes hard to go through especially when you have formed a bond. Going through hard things in life only make you stronger.

People often ask, “What’s the best way to get over a breakup?” My girl Erykah Badu said it best, “You have to go through it.” There aren’t any short cuts, you can’t kill your feelings. However you don’t need to be sitting alone in a dark room, eating chocolate and ice cream gaining unwanted weight. No, that’s not how we are going to operate.

While you are coping with the loss of that unworthy person, occupy your time with something positive. Write down your goals long and short term, and ways that you can accomplish those goals. Focus on the NOW. Sadness and pain are merely illusions. You can’t feel the pain of a breakup if you focus on the now, because the pain is imbedded in the past. Don’t spend your time daydreaming of the past memories you shared, again focus on where you are right now, in the current moment. You may want to focus on growing your hair, or starting a new diet and exercise routine. Better yourself, because when the right person comes along you want to be ready and healed.

Social media is the devil. You want to cleanse this person out of your life completely. Do the big chop. Chop their memories from your life. This means erasing those long text messages, delete their telephone number, block them on all social media, get rid of them completely.

Do not immediately try to be friends with your ex. You need time to focus on yourself and your own healing. You cannot be any type of friend if you still have deeper feelings. This will not do anything for you other than leave your confused.

Do not infuse your body with toxins such as liquor and drugs. I know it’s easy to drink alone and think of your ex, maybe you drunk text out of pure bravery, to see where you guys stand. No, do not do it. If you want to drink, it’s better to do it with your good friends and advise them to NOT let you do anything stupid, like drunk dial or call that person the universe has removed from your core.

If you are having a hard time, pray about it. Trust that what is meant to be will be and what is not meant to be will never be, no matter how hard you try to force it. Once you let go and live your purpose you will be abundantly blessed.

When you sacrifice something you really love for a greater good, the universe will bless you with something better.