Gasp!!! Apollo Nida Cheated On Phaedra Parks – Affair Revealed


Where there is smoke there is some fire. Rumors were swirlwing around about Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida heading towards divorce (read all about that here). Well now a lady has come out and written out to author Zane about her alleged affair with Apollo.

Apollo looks like he has a wondering eye and Phaedra looks like she has a blind eye.



Catch tea below, spotted over at TattleTailzz.

I need your help with a situation that I got myself in. Im in my mid twenties and I live in Illinois. I have met, had conversations and even hung out with celebrities before and I never threw myself all over them or screamed out of excitement just because of who they are. Well here goes my story. 

Im a BIG fan of RHOA (real housewives of Atlanta) and I love and support __________ and _______ 100%. Back in January 2011 my ex-fiance celebrated his birthday and of course I was invited and even though we weren’t together, we still had always acted as if we were.Well he is very successful and he has always had SUCCESSFUL friends or associates. Well during his party I met a friend of his, _________ ________. At that time I wasnt into watching RHOA. I knew of ____________ but didnt watch the show.
Well he was very kind and sweet, but was definitely flirting. He had on nowedding ring or anything.We chatted a few times throughout the night and hewanted me to show him around the town that next day and I agreed. He picked me up and I showed him around st louis and other different areas.We also had dinner that evening at a restaurant I picked out. We did go back to hishotel and talked a while about different things and he did mention he had a son. But we didnt discuss the mother. We hit it off perfectly and had a lot in common.He knew I was the ex fiance of his friend as well as myself. He was very manipulative and had such a great body an was very charming, that I gave in and we did do the do! He says he made love to me(yes it felt that way), but we’re certainly not in love. 

But we “made love ” about 4x that night/morning and yes we used protection each time except when he would give me mouth to “mouth”. We had orderd breakfast and he stated that he did tell my ex fiance that I was going to show him around town. I gave him my number but I changed it a week later.

I didnt feel comfortable with him texting me as if I were his woman, but yet im around my ex fiance alot. I did tell my ex fiance what happened between usand he was hurt an upset, even though we weren’t together nor working on our relationship.However, he forgave me and continued being close an still being friends with ___________. It wasnt until a couple of months later that I saw he was on RHOA with a Wife.

I love an support ____________ so much and I see so much of myself in her. Its hurting me and I regret doing anything with __________ because im such a BIG fan of his wife. I feel bad that I disrespected her, but yet love her to death.

I dont feel comfortable when im watching the show because just looking at all he puts her through makes me sick. How can I deal with something like this?


Zane wrote her back and gave her some advice, but that wasn’t enough for the woman and she wrote her again and this time Zane left Apollo’s name in the story….

Zane this is my last post and then im done! Some of your followers do NOT comprehend. I said I knew NOTHING about RHOA but heard of it here and there but never watched it!!

My ex fiance introduced him to me as Apollo. Nothing more! I dont care to be in the media or spot light! I have my own MONEY!! When I did watch the show I saw him an him his wife an baby and I started enjoying the show because of every single punch line that his wife would say.

His wife and Kandi are the reason I watch the show! Too many ppl are judging but yet fail to really read what I stated. I BECAME A FAN OF THE SHOW AND HIS WIFE MONTHS LATER.

I just need advice because its killing me inside. No I didnt know of his Phaedra at all or familiar with the show. I love Phaedra so much andbi been through what she is goibg through and I wouldn’t want to do any woman like that!

Thats not me or what I do. But evrry since I watches the show it has become addictive but just recently the past month or two of seeing how Apollo treats her made me see who he is and brings me back to my past how I was done but yet I stayed by my mans side. 


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  • Wow, this is crazy as hell yo. But its not unbelievable
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    Nah! He may cheat, but not with her.
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    Probably planted by Phaedra for an upcoming divorce.