Future Baby’s Mother Brittni Goes In On Ciara + Says She Doesn’t Need Future’s Money


It is no secret that Future dissed his child’s mother, Brittni for a relationship with Ciara. The rumor was Future was only using Ciara. Turns out Future is really smitten and head over hills about Cici. This has to have his once girlfriend/baby momma Brittni sad maybe even depressed. How would you feel if your good boo left you and your kids for a gyrating singer?

Brittni has taken subtle shots at Ciara every now and again. Brittni uploaded the below picture with the caption ;




This is an alleged shot at Ciara, who was photographed in a similar outfit. I guess Brittni is bitter.

Brittni also went off on her Instagram follower who accused her of using childsupport money on designer clothes and accessories.


“@sabriinacarter: Haha ! So Thats where child support goes”

“@thebrittni: @sabriinacarter b**ch mis me I get my own bread. I own my own company with employees speak on what you know. Child support WHAT IS THAT? I’m hiring if you need a job come work for me at least you would get paid cause I know u cant possibly be eating off of making fake pages about me. Don’t check for cause I got MINE and child support ain’t give it to me… I swear I try to ignore you ignorant hoes”

Photo Source: Instagram

  • cottenkandi
    Ha! Well she checked that hater. “Child support. What is that?” ha!
  • Natile Smith
    She is so childish.
  • Gumbumper
    HAHA, she’s funny
  • MrsGrapevine
    He just barely made it famous, so it’s not like he’s rolling in dough. His child support probably hasn’t been adjusted to his new income, yet. She’s bitter, but it doesn’t sound like it’s about money.
    • KiaSoto
  • KiaSoto
  • MsTrendy
    Yeah Brittini is just a little bitter…
  • Y@zmar
    Just petty
  • With all those kids he got coming out of the woodwork it’s a wonder Ciara even wants to stay with his ass!
    • Seriously. I’m all for step mommy, but having to deal with more than one baby mom, no thank you.
  • HollywoodHiccups
    What a baby…
  • twanatells
    She seem so bitter, it’s not Ciara’s fault that FUTURE ended their relationship smh
  • twanatells
    At the end of the Day Future & Ciara is continuing to live happy ever after
  • amorriso
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