[Free Giveaway] Must Read Books: Powder Room Secrets



If you are looking for a good book to read or gift, I have a good read for you. Former exotic dancer, Jenay Long has pinned a book entitled ‘Powder Room Secrets.’

This coming to age book is about a young woman by the name of Marie. Marie is about to go on her first journey as an adult by starting college.  While here she meets her so-called “college sweetheart” however this young love did not last long. Because the reality of heart break was too much to bare she slips into depression. The depression makes her lose her will to live and she ends up losing a lot including her job. She was independently paying for college and housing, so being unemployed was not feasible. This huge life change made her think she only had one option, stripping.

The book exposes us to the harsh reality of the strip club life, from the very high ups and downs.

This Sunday between 8-10pm we will have Jenay Long on BCDRadio. You can win a copy of the book. All you have to do is follow @WeAreBCD on Instagram. Tweet or Facebook share the link to this blog post and when we announce we are giving away the book on BCDRadio call in to 4043340380.