Foxy Brown Breaks Down, Cries & Clears Up Jay Z Rumors



Female Mc’s have it so hard after they reach their peak. Foxy Brown was once at the top of her game, now she’s become a topic of negative rumors. People make petty jokes regarding her hearing problems, her past relationship with Jay Z, Weave Rumors, and her beef with Lil Kim. Foxy Brown broke down and shed tears because apparently she’s tried of the all the negativity coming her way. She claims that she’s strong but what she’s going through is very hard.

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Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love Jay. Jay & I come from nothing together. Clark Kent is the reason we are all on, and that is my blood cousin. Have you ever heard Foxy dissing Jay Z or Jay Z dissing Foxy? So we’re going to wait 15 years and start-? Was I shocked when Jay said the line in ‘Picasso Baby‘, yes because we’ve talked about that we have a history that supersedes music. We know how this business works. We sit back and laugh at those rumors, we laugh at that. I think he began to feel the pressure, because people started saying the age thing. She was 15/14. The Jay I know, the Shawn I know never comes out of character. I think that’s where the tears came from (earlier). The fact that he (Jay Z) felt he needed to say that, means something (struck a cord). Enough already.