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On the road to following your passion there will be many obstacles and challenges; leaving those who are not focused or sure about their decisions headed down a path of inevitable disappointment. This often occurs when we focus on our actual passion alone not realizing that our habits and mindset are the core of our dreams and desires. So, we would like to share with you four very important things to consider on the road to success.

One: Have you chosen what truly makes you happy? Often times we find ourselves with so many options and abilities we choose what is most convenient rather than what we truly desire to do. This becomes a problem if you’re not passionate about your work and doing what makes you happy because you will get 100 no’s before 1 yes. Following your passion takes resilience and tenacity so play with your passion and work on solidifying one great idea at a time to focus on.

Two: Do you have a plan? Failure to plan is a plan to fail so look at your options and find resources that compliment your ideal future. Write down your plan and thoughts, create a to-do-list or monthly accountability list with major and minor goals you’d like to accomplish each month.

Three: Remove people who do not feed the good in you. We are conditioned to keep people around due to time put in, comfort and loyalty but are you in a growth relationship or parasitic relationship? If you are not growing from your interactions, it may be time to change up your circle. You are as strong at the weakest person you’re consistently around.

Last and the most important factor is identifying and removing all possible distractions. We rarely pay attention to how valuable our time is and how much we can get out of life if we used it more wisely. The five hours of TV you watch a week can be five hours invested into your dream researching successful models in your industry. Successful and wealthy people value their time and it is time for you to take on the wealth and success mindset while following your passion.

These four considerations will help you on your path to following your dreams and staying focused. By not talking about your passions but actually following and creating it into something real in your life, you will receive the ultimate reward of freedom. Know you are great and what you believe about yourself others will too so pick your thoughts like you pick your fruit and shine in your greatness.

Quyionah Brooklyn Wingfield

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  • TruthRulesAllEquality
    So dope. U are only as strong as your weakest link. Surround yourself with people who get it. It’s hard enough keeping urself focused. Having others who distract from the goal is senseless. Great article!