Floyd Mayweather’s Disappointing Peen Picture


Floyd Mayweather may pack a powerful punch but he’s coming up rather short in the male package department. This has got to be rather embarrassing for the boxer. His alleged peen picture has surfaced all over the net. This wouldn’t be so bad if the guy had a descent size penis. Floyd is most definitely a member of the LDC (Little D* Committee).  Now some people may think there isn’t thing wrong with his size, lol…Another Joe Budden, wonder will Floyd try to say the photo is fake, or photoshopped?


TheDirty.com got a hold of a picture of the intimate selfies Floyd Mayweather sent to one of his alleged jump off’s.


“THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, not all black people are created equal.  I’m hoping you post this and maybe Floyd will stop sexting me pictures of his three inch penis.  You ain’t packing honey.”


Is it the size of the boat or the motion of the ocean…or the check that comes along with the ride?

  • Gossipthat
    Oh hell naw Floyd
  • twanatells
    Welp next time Floyd should be more careful who he send his Peen pics too
  • Why is his grown ask sending selfies anyways.
  • yazmar.com
    Im sure 50 cent has seen that eraser sized penis
  • HollywoodHiccups
    He is a moron you take a selfie this can happen!
  • MrsGrapevine
    I still don’t know why he took the picture.