Flashback Friday | Ciera Chantál’s Stance On Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is definitely the day of love, romance, and appreciation. When I think about February 14 I see hearts, candies, stuffed animals, FLOWERS and chocolates.

Three years ago I was not here for Valentine’s Day at all, because I was semi-involved in a toxic relationship. I was a little bitter back then and very young. I said and I quote “Valentine’s Day is overrated”. I was over the relationship and over the guy. Anything that he would of done would have gotten on my nerves. If he gave me a stack of hundred dollar bills, I would have been like “wtf is this? Get it out of my face.” Okay I’m lying…but you get the point.

Now that I am out of that situation my stance on Valentine’s Day is different. I still feel as though you should treat your partner sweet all year long and not just on one particular day. But if you want to show appreciation for the special person in your life by getting them a gift to make them feel appreciated, on Valentine’s Day you should do it. There isn’t anything wrong with showing love, even if it’s just by writing some special on a 99cent card. It’s the thought that counts.

This year if I don’t get anything I will most definitely have an attitude…


What’s your stance V-DAY…you care or nah?

  • KiaSoto
    good video haha
  • KiaSoto
    treat me like i treat you amen
  • mlmkareem
    I have to say, you knocked the cover off the ball yo. Great video Ciera
  • Great video. Hahaha.
  • Love it Ciera 🙂