Finally Mimi Faust Admits That Seeing Stevie J & Joseline Together Hurts


Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Mimi Faust is always in delusionalville. On the show she acts like everything she’s doing with her baby daddy, Stevie J is for their daughter, Eva. Clearly this is a lie, Mimi does most of the stuff she does to prevent Stevie from being with his good boo, Joseline.


In the video below Mimi finally admits to being hurt.


It’s ok to be hurt. Stop being in denial about what you’re really mad about. It’s about Stevie J & the J is for Joseline….

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  • I know that ish gotta hurt!!!
  • MrsGrapevine
    It would hurt losing to Joseline. I mean I would be hurt, too, but for totally different reasons.
  • She needs to get over it.
  • HollywoodHiccups
    Time to move on!