Fab Fringe Wig For Short Hair Look + Celebs Rocking Short Cuts


Short hair is very sexy.  People sometimes think that a big chop signifies strength or either a cry out for help. Remember Angela Bassett character in Waiting to Exhale, after her husband left her for a white woman, she went to the salon and demanded that her stylist chopped off all of her hair.

Now a new hair cut can mean nothing at all. People change up there far just for a new look or fashion purposes.

With this new season of life, I decided to change up my look a little. I was not ready to make a drastic permanent change, so with that being said I decided to order the Fab Fringe wig. The girls on youtube made this wig look so fabulous I had to give it a try. I’ve had the wig for a while and it’s nice to slip on when I do not feel like doing anything to my hair. It is human hair so it can be washed and heat styled. Click the link below to purchase.




Check out these impeccable beauties working short, chic hairstyles.