Exclusive With Snoop Dogg’s Newest Artist Clay James


By now I am sure many of you have heard the news of the legendary hip hop icon, Snoop Dogg signing The Southern Playas, Clay James and Messiah.

You’re probably wondering how the West Coast King hooked up with a couple of Southern Playas. I recently got the full scoop from Clay James.

Clay explains after performing live at SXSW how he was approached by Snoop’s business associates. At the time he was not sure who they were, but they showed high interest in the song “Southern Playa Sh*t.”

Clay says that he was able to build an organic business relationship with Snoop’s friends. They in turn passed the music to the head of Snoop’s A&R and then directly to Snoop Dogg himself.

Clay James confirmed that he and Messiah are still not signed to a major, but they are officially signed to DoggyStyle Records.

 Checkout the video below to hear Clay explains how it all went down: